Tessuti Battuti Vase

Designed By Carlo Scarpa 1940

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This superb vase designed in 1940 by Carlo Scarpa is part of a numbered edition. The mouth-blown glass is handmade incorporating different techniques to obtain a striking visual effect evoking the folds of pleated fabric. Two-tone brick red watermark stripes follow the sinuous profile of the vase with glass rods ("canne") encased in an opaque overlay using the "filigrana" method and finished in "battuto" to confer a textured surface.

Alternating light and dark coloured lines on shades of Coral, harmoniously following the guidelines produced by Carlo Scarpa. And reproduced by VENINI’s master glassblowers by using the skilful "Canne" technique and by finally grinding the glass: two truly unique creations.

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  • Packaging Dimensions L25xW25xH27 cm, 3 kg
  • Dimensions Ø14xH24 cm, 0.5 kg
  • Brand Venini
  • Designed By Carlo Scarpa 1940
  • Fabrication Venini
  • Materials Glass
  • Shipped From Italy
  • Lead Time 9-10 Weeks