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The Copper Project - Mining Etched Copper

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Copper has become a fashionable material. Products in copper are part of many design collections, in many cases for commercial purposes. It has become a one-dimensional material, that is often applied as a skin that sells the product.The structures of these mines, as can be seen on satellite photo’s, form fascinating patterns and reliefs in the earth. These sometimes abstract images have been used to make a series of etchings. The prints have been made with a traditional technique where copper plates with an etched relief are used to transfer the ink onto the paper. Together, they show the intriguing and intimidating world of copper mining, a story about copper in copper etchings.

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  • Designer / Brand David Derksen Design
  • Fabrication David Derksen Design and Lex Pott
  • Design David Derksen and Lex Pott
  • Shipped From Netherlands
  • Production time 4-6 weeks
  • Materials Etched Copper Plate, ink
  • Manufactured in Netherlands
  • Stock Made to Order
  • Edition Limited edition of 50