Turntable Table

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The archaic form of this table speaks for itself. It owes its unique identity to the feeling that it turns around its own axis. It is present in the room as a feature and fixed on its slim-line middle foot in solid wood. To all appearances, this round table has been carved from one piece of wood. Wherever you place it, TURNTABLE is always in the right place and is always a focus of attention.

This table is available in white oiled ash, oiled oak, colour stained oak, American cherry, American walnut and European walnut. Available in different sizes upon request.

Colour stained oak option is available upon request at an additional charge. For colour stained oak options, please refer to the catalogue.

Please choose variations:
  • Material European Walnut
  • Material European Walnut
  • Material American Cherry
  • Material American Walnut
  • Material Ash
  • Material Oak
  • Finish White Oiled
  • Finish White Oiled
  • Finish Oiled
  • Finish Chalk Stained
  • Finish Light Warm Grey Stained
  • Finish Cold Grey Stained
  • Finish Smoke Blue Stained
  • Finish Dark Warm Grey Stained
  • Finish Graphite Grey Stained
  • Finish Graphite Black Stained
  • Finish Mint Blue Stained
  • Finish Aqua Blue Stained
  • Finish Sage Stained
  • Finish Pink Pastel Stained
  • Finish Salmon Pink Stained
  • Finish Mauve Stained
  • Dimensions Ø90 x H75 cm
  • Dimensions Ø90 x H75 cm
  • Dimensions Ø100 x H75 cm
  • Dimensions Ø120 x H75 cm
  • Dimensions Ø140 x H75 cm
  • Dimensions Ø160 x H75 cm
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  • Dimensions Ø90,100 x H75 cm, Base Ø53 cm | Ø 120,140 x H75 cm, Base Ø63 cm | Ø160 x H75 cm , Base Ø83 cm
  • Brand Zeitraum
  • Designed by Formstelle
  • Fabrication Zeitraum
  • Materials Solid Wood
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Lead time 6-8 weeks