Turquoise Informale

Stretched and hammered by hand, the Informal collection takes shape, generating lunar surfaces, organic and inorganic, almost like a leather with an irregular and unexpected design. Composed of solids and shallows, of pressure and material depressions, serrations and natural curls. Stories of a physicality to be explored by scrolling with hands and eyes along a different path, always in evolution. Among the skins, this is the one with the highest tactile value, all the while maintaining the technical features of impermeability and durability that characterize all of the paper pulp products.

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  • Finishes Rough & Honed
  • Panel Sizes 10x10cm | 20x20cm | 30x30cm | 40x40cm | 60x60cm | 80x80cm | 60x30cm | 80x40cm
  • Thickness 1cm
  • - Made in Italy
  • Brand Paper Factor