Twist Couch Round Table

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The biomorphic structure of the lightweight frame combines structural strength with flowing shapes while underscoring the sophisticated edge profiling of the tabletop. TWIST COUCH is available in three heights with a round, oval and rectangular tabletop. The product family consists of the dining table TWIST, the couch tables TWIST COUCH and TWIST STONE and the bed table TWIST NIGHT.

The twist couch round table is available in white oiled ash, oiled oak, colour stained oak, oiled American cherry, oiled American walnut and oiled European walnut.

Available in different sizes upon request. For colour stained oak options, please refer to the catalogue.

Please choose variations:
  • Material White Oiled Ash
  • Material White Oiled Ash
  • Material Oiled Oak
  • Material Colour Stained Oak
  • Material American Cherry
  • Material American Walnut
  • Material European Walnut
  • Dimensions Ø60 x H32 cm
  • Dimensions Ø60 x H32 cm
  • Dimensions Ø60 x H38 cm
  • Dimensions Ø60 x H48 cm
  • Dimensions Ø80 x H32 cm
  • Dimensions Ø80 x H38 cm
  • Dimensions Ø80 x H48 cm
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  • Dimensions Ø60,80 x H32,38,48 cm
  • Brand Zeitraum
  • Designed by Formstelle
  • Fabrication Zeitraum
  • Materials Solid Wood
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Lead time 6-8 weeks