Wave Series W-Vase

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Sea Stone is a sustainable material which in reality is composed of natural, non-toxic ingredients and binders. It features solid, hardness and aesthetic texture like a stone. We intend to integrate Sea Stone to the connection from the debris state to the beautiful home interior objects so that you can see the discarded shells had done their long journey. The form and the rough surface of the series took inspiration from the sea cliff and the sedimentary rock. Each item is one of a kind. The shape and the pattern, which are a mixture of the mother of pearl and the layered stones for each piece are unique.

Recycled seashell powder (Abalone, Oyster, Mussel) mineral, sand, etc. Glass.

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  • Dimensions W7.5 x L5.5 x H21.5 cm
  • Brand Studio Newtab 22
  • Designed by Hyein Choi & Jihee Moon
  • Colour Pearl Pink
  • Materials Recycled seashell powder (Abalone, Oyster, Mussel) mineral, sand. Glass
  • Fabrication Studio Newtab 22
  • Shipped From Korea
  • Lead Time 4 Weeks