Petite Friture

Week-End Square High Table

Designed By Studio Brichet Ziegler

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The WEEK-END collection is a full range of outdoor furniture. Designed with practicality in mind, all of the seats are stackable. The Week-End collection is a complete range of outdoor furniture. The oval and circular shape drawn by the backrests makes them a graphic statement. The impact of the horizontal and vertical slats, so similar to stripes, highlights the full and empty spaces, asserting the identity of the collection.

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  • Dimensions L60 x W60 x H105 Cm, 13 Kg
  • Brand Petite Friture
  • Designed By Studio Brichet Ziegler
  • Fabrication Petite Friture
  • Materials Aluminium, Grained Epoxy Paint Matte Finish
  • Shipped From Europe
  • Lead Time 2-4 Weeks