Ztista Half Barstool

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“Ztista” in Ukrainian means made of dough. The plastic silhouette and slightly primitive form of ZTISTA furniture line bring us back to childhood when you could create an object with your hands, even non-existent. It is made from an upcycled steel frame and live ZTISTA material which is a blend of cellulose, clay, flax fibre and wood chips with a biopolymer cover

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  • Colours Zillia
  • Colours Zillia
  • Colours Sytinok
  • Colours Soniah
  • Colours Ptaha
  • Colours Mochar
  • Colours Kora
  • Colours Hmara
  • Colours Hlyna
  • Colours Hatka
  • Colours Dymka
  • Colours Drimota
  • Colours Buriak
  • Environment Indoor
  • Environment Indoor
  • Environment Outdoor
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  • Dimensions L46 x W47 cm x H84 cm, 11 kg
  • Brand Faina
  • Designed by Victoria Yakusha
  • Fabrication Faina
  • Materials Steel, ZTISTA Material, Cellulose, Clay, Flax Fibre, Wood Chips, Biopolymer
  • Shipped from Ukraine
  • Lead time 8 weeks