Cork - Producing Cork Blocks

Producing Cork Blocks

Cork is made by the bark of a Cork Oak Tree, which reaches maturity after 26 years of growing. Once mature, skilled cork harvesters will begin to strip the bark by hand.
The pieces of cork are then ground up and fused together. Expanded Corkblocks are created in an autoclave, a 100% natural process, without the use of any additives. This technology, consists of injecting water vapor through pellets that will expand and agglomerate with the resin of the cork itself.
Cork, offers a huge range of advantages, in addition to being an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and as well as antivibration, it’s also a CO2 sink, playing a key role in the environment.

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When using cork in your home, you are protecting the planet, because in addition to being a 100% natural product, you are endorsing the product.

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100% Natural

The agglomeration of the granules is made through the resins of the cork itself, making this product 100% natural and ecological.

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Recyclable & Reusable

At the end of the period of use, these can be reused in identical applications, since the appearance and the essential properties of cork agglomerate boards remain unchanged.

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Cork is light, elastic, practically impermeable to liquids and gases, an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and with a high resistance to fire.

Cork - Acoustic Walls

Acoustic Walls

Cork can be used to create incredible carved 2d and 3d panels and tiles. These panels combine sustainability with innovation, outstanding acoustic benefits with unique aesthetics. Gencork transform cork with generative design and industrial digital manufacturing processes, creating unique 3d and 2d surfaces with a huge range of different variations of a pattern, which can adapt to any size and space.

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Cork - Acoustic Green Walls

Acoustic Green Walls

CorkGreen are acoustic panels where expanded cork is combined with decorative plants, recreating an organic biomimetic symbiosis, inspired by nature.
CorkGreen series are 100% natural, ecological and recyclable.

Cork - Furniture & Objects

Furniture & Objects

Cork blocks are CNC milled to carved out the desired shapes generating incredibly plastic furniture and objects. Cork can also be shaved in very thin sheets and becomes an excellent alternative to leather: soft, pliable and durable.