Research and Design - Paper Factor

Paper Factor

Paper Factor was created from the exceptional qualities of a solid surface material made from a new compound of micro-paper: an innovative evolution of papier-mâché which is strong, durable, and incredibly light.
The core production of Paper Factor focuses on interior design applications, offering a collection of selected skins or solid elements to create 3D scenarios.

Paper - Multiple Landscapes

Multiple Landscapes

Variable in mixture, texture, size and patterns, multi-layered and multicoloured, Paper Factor panels and mosaics can be applied to walls, ceilings or furniture, vertical and horizontal surfaces.
All products are hand-made and finished with techniques usually employed on wood, metal, plastic and stone, processes that previously could not be used on papier-mâché.

Paper - Versatility icon


Paper Pulp can be used in varied applications such as walls, floors and some external areas

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The natural properties of paper provide sound and thermal insulation

Paper - Sustainability


The fibres obtained from recycled paper or FSC certified forests and are coloured with natural pigments only




Pigmented veining flows along the sides of the impasto, oriented by the action of gradual manual pressure, thus imbuing the charm of a minimal, frozen movement against vast neutral backgrounds.
Easily adapted to the greatest gamut of design solutions, Veins generates a spatiality that is unencumbered by colors and oriented toward the play of light.
Reminiscent of marble, of stone, of wood, of the mosses and lichens of Salento, of time that marks and makes its own the calcareous stone.


Inspired by the ancient technique of intarsia, the surfaces of Inlay exploit the physical qualities of Paper Factor, allowing the cellulose paste components added to the pigments or left in natural tonalities to smoothly join each other during the pressing and assemblage.
This results in surfaces with spotted effects, with defined shapes, even within the random movements of the play of colors.


Obtained by stretching the impasto first by hand and then with CNC machining, Ruts alternates between flat portions, reminiscent of stone, to rectangular sections to create a succession with a solid and fortunate rhythm.
The pace of its grooves can be more or less dense, continuous or interrupted, but in each of its versions and in all the different colours, Ruts reveals, thanks to the intervention of the machine, the material uniqueness of Paper Factor.


Stretched and hammered by hand, the Informale collection takes shape, generating organic and inorganic surfaces, almost like a leather with an irregular and unexpected design. It is composed of solids and shallows, of pressure and material depressions, serrations and natural curls.
Stories of a physicality to be explored by scrolling with hands and eyes along a different path, always in evolution. Among the skins, this is the one with the highest tactile value, all the while maintaining the technical features of impermeability and durability that characterise all of the Paper Factor products.


The most versatile of the Paper Factor skins, Piano implies a handmade nature revealed in a subtle and elegant manner through its surfaces polished by machine. The levelling action of a pantograph acts on the material, stretched by hand and then dried, bringing out unusual and fascinating aesthetic games.
"Available" in all color interpretations, Piano is the most minimalist of the Paper Factor surfaces: its smooth skin, susceptible to the slightest imperfections, is an excellent starting point for establishing the discourses of the most diverse spaces, whether on a small or large scale.

Research and Design - Wallpaper


Texturae designs are statement pieces that inject life in any space. With their striking geometric elements, overlapping shapes and bold colours, Texturae wallpapers offer new perspectives whilst enhancing any dining room, living rooms, lofts or children rooms. Their wallpaper pattern can be adapted to any wall size.

wallpaper Collections


The Warp Collection has a personality that does not go unnoticed.
The visions of the designers selected to put together this collection lend themselves to the imagination of those who choose to build their own environment in a blatantly
personal key fearlessly shaping its surroundings on the basis of their identity.


The Weft Collection speaks of sobriety, elegance and style. But in an absolutely new way . The wallpaper does not
overwhelm, but it captures the ductility of the support they occupy.
Wood grains and wood carvings, the brilliance of marble, the compactness of concrete, the most intimate and personal nature of the materials become new surfaces, engraved on the sensitivity of those who choose to customize their own environment.


Created so that children can grow immersed in everyday beauty, but also for those adults who have not forgotten their fascination for striking fairy-tale settings.
The Yarn collection wallpaper is a game that becomes design, make-believe that becomes wallpaper, colour that becomes history.
Sought in lines and forms, shaped by the clear authorial imprint of the designers, the images in this collection unravel the world of fairy tales and games, reinterpreting it using stricter criteria in graphic design and colour balance.